How To Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges Easily And Without Trying To Convince Or Change The Other Parent’s Viewpoint

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If you have been trying to parent your child with someone who disagrees with you about how to raise your child, and you want to overcome this once and for all, then this Webclass is for you:

  • Uncover the hidden truth of “Separate Realities” and how it upgrades all your communication, making it easy and effortless to bring across your point of view


  • Discover how to empower your child to make the right choices themselves, that takes away the need to convince any other parent in the first place


  • How different parenting styles can actually be beneficial for your children in the long term, raising bulletproof and emotionally intelligent children

  • The ancient art of co-parenting by prioritising your partner and how to turn arguments into a learning opportunity for your child

  • Take the Ultimate Co-Parenting Assessment that sets you up to handle any future disagreements peacefully and gracefully

  • And Much much more…..


Live on Zoom

Thursday 17th of November 2022

at 8pm UK time 

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Safia is an award winning Transformational Coach and the creator of Effortless Parenting, She is on mission to take one parent per family through the Psychological Switch, which transforms parenting into a stress free and blissful experience of life.


















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  • Safia Haque

    “Thank you so much for making my parenting so much more Effortless.......”

    Mother of 4 boys

  • Safia Haque

    “Safia has been a huge eye-opener and a patient mentor when it comes to understanding my thoughts and my feelings. Now that I have had a glimpse at how my life could turn out, when I further walk this path, I am more than excited to take further steps towards my goals with Safia.”

    Masters Student, Germany

  • Safia Haque

    “She encouraged me to strive to be the best version of myself, to tackle one thing at a time and to refrain from beating myself up when things go wrong. I really admire her for the virtuous values she upholds and the work she does. ”

    Poet and Artist

  • Safia Haque

    “It has been a great pleasure to work with Safia. She has helped me to see a new way to approach all of the relationships in my life. Now I'm able to focus on resolving problems rather than being stuck in my emotions. Parenting now is stress free, easy and enjoyable. And I haven't exchanged my children. They still are the same people, acting the way they used to, but I'm able to show up for them with the compassion and curiosity without any assumptions. And that's the beauty of my joyous life Alhamdulillah ”

    Mother of 2 young kids

  • Safia Haque

    “She helped me to discover and change some harmful misconceptions I had held and helped me to improve my own self-esteem and mental health before passing the knowledge on to my children and strengthening our relationship.

    Her advice is empathetic and insightful and is designed to get the best results possible with the children. She is kind and encouraging, which helps to motivate us when we lose confidence. Her style of teaching is very engaging and she is respectful of other’s insights. ”

    Mother of 3 girls