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Module : Parenting from the Inside-Out

  • What is the Inside-Out, why bother about it. Because it will improve your life as a Parent significantly
  • Open your innate parenting wisdom to make the best decisions, be here for yourself
  • To take a load off your mind and not give you more to do
  • Get to a place using the logic of the IO Paradigm that you children never have, never will and never can cause your feelings
  • Experience real Empathy from a place of purely being there for your child without any hidden agendas
  • Act with complete self-control to make your interactions guilt free and effortless

Module 2: Guilt Free Discipline

  • Drop Illusion that kids can make us mad and have the inner clarity to know where the line is
  • Eliminate going down the “I told you so and the long process of if you didn’t do this or didn’t behave like that then we wouldn’t be in this mess”
  • Raise your words not your voice, its rainfall that causes flowers to grow , not thunder (Rumi)
  • Technique to avoid any fuss and have a simple repetitive system in place to avoid any guilt from building up in the first place
  • Do the disciplining only for their sake and not ours

Module 3: The Expectation Trap

  • Drop the emotional expectations, that your child can control your feelings, moods and states
  • Create clear line, what are real expectations and what are not
  • Change your relationship with your child not the child themselves
  • Drop attachment to the outcome of a certain situation and let the journey flow
  • Tell the truth even when you are really uncomfortable
  • Why saying “Don’t do that” creates negative thought patterns for life and what to say instead to avoid this

Module 4:  Why Parents live on Saturn and kids on Jupiter

  • Understand that we all life on different planets in our minds
  • Learn the key to communication to keep the planets connected
  • Knowing this deeply will give you flexibility and real empathetic understanding of each family member/ friends/colleagues etc for life
  • Stop the need to change the other person
  • Become more open about the other people’s worlds
  • Be interested and not interesting ( takes edge of any social anxiety)

Module 5: How to be your Child’s Hero

  • Become emotionally accessible for the child at any given time
  • Silence the voice in your head and never create the condemning voice in your child’s head in the first place
  • Let go of the innocent trap of : If they listen to me all will be well and ok
  • Create a life long connection that is not based on outward behaviour, but mutual respect

Module 6: How to support your children’s Emotional Wellbeing

  • Based on curriculum from My Mental Health Rocks Training
  • Our wellbeing is like a rock activity (notes will be provided)
  • Giving emotional support without asking for reasons of upset emotions
  • Introducing our 5 superpowers with activities
  • Suitable for all ages and stages emotional support coaching secrets 

Nike (Mother of 3 girls) shared

Safia is a brilliant coach and teacher who is passionate about what she does. Her desire to make every parent undertake their parenting journey in a peaceful manner is so inspiring and gets real results from those who participate in the course.

I have had so many mind shifts as the course has opened my eyes to knowing that we are in control of our thoughts and we should learn to live in the moment without blaming others for our failings.

She helped me to discover and change some harmful misconceptions I had held and helped me to improve my own self-esteem and mental health before passing the knowledge on to my children and strengthening our relationship. 

Her advice is empathetic and insightful and is designed to get the best results possible with the children. She is kind and encouraging, which helps to motivate us when we lose confidence. Her style of teaching is very engaging and she is respectful of other’s insights. 


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  • Safia Haque

    “She helped me discover some of my limiting beliefs and helped me to
    believe in myself again before starting to build the connection
    between myself and my children.

    I've had tangible results because of her insight.

    If you're looking for a happy life with your children, this is the place to start.
    Highly recommended .
    Not only is she a fantastic coach, but also a lovely human being.

    Thank you Safia

    Amazing Mother of 2 girls and Entrepreneur

  • Safia Haque

    “I had this one insight which changed the way I looked at certain category of people. Mostly, everyone has tremendous potential to turn things around; no matter what their standing, background and past is. I believe the source of that potential is our mind. Via pradigm shift, we can see our deprived and shallow lives in a completely new light; we will come to see them overflowing with richness and depth.

    Not only that, sensing irrationality will become easier as we'll be able to pin down our own preconcieved beliefs and biases. This will bless us with many opportunities relevant to obtention of knowledge and acquisition of effective communication skills and empathy. Self-limiting beliefs will cease to exist once we come in to terms with the fact how capable and adaptable we're as human beings. It's all possible thanks to our capability of mastering our minds with power of thought. ”

    Student, Daughter and Sister

  • Safia Haque

    “I don't worry anymore about my kids, turning out in a certain way, but I can focus on what I have right now with them and enjoy my children too, which is big burden off my shoulders.
    I am living in the moment more and more and I have realised that the ages of my children being very different, I want to make connections with them on their frequency and have changed my reaction to my children.
    I am less defensive about things I read, about what others say, no need to fix people of circumstances anymore, as I understand separate realities. I can meet people half way, and I know I will influence but not impose on my children anymore, but I also can carry on now and take each day as it comes now.”

    Amazing Mother of 4 boys age 10, 8, 6 and 4, UK