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“Effortless Parenting: 

How To Get Your Kids To Listen And Put An End To Challenging Behaviour - Without Yelling, Manipulating, Repeating Yourself, Or Damaging Your Long-Term Connection With Them…”

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From the desk of Coach Safia…

Dear Awesome Parent, 

If you’ve been trying hard to figure out why your child is challenging you constantly and you want to stop it once and for all… and develop a deeply loving and trusting relationship with them, then this could be the most important letter you ever read…

Over the last couple of years I have worked with dozens of parents in my exclusive Parenting Mastermind, and the results have been phenomenal.
But it wasn't until one day when I was at a coffee place and one of my friend's friend met my 13 year old son for the first time. He came up to her, completely confidently, and politely asked her how she was doing.

She was completely taken aback! When she saw his presence, and natural ability to interact with an adult, she said that she had literally NEVER met a child like that before. 
When she discovered that I’m a Parenting Coach, she did the wise thing… and immediately joined my Parenting Mastermind!

Here’s the best part… 

A few short weeks later, her own children had completely ‘transformed’ before her eyes and developed the same kind of confidence and maturity that she saw in my kids.  
Want to know the ‘secret’ sauce that made this *almost* miraculous transformation happen…? 

It’s called:

This is the simple, powerful system we use, that leads to us raising confident, emotionally intelligent and happy children, while empowering you to eliminate challenging behaviour everytime.

The good news is… if you want these kinds of results with your own family and your own kids, then you no longer have to join my high end £7,200.00 Parenting Mastermind… because I’ve finally decided to take all of the best techniques and teachings I’ve been sharing with my clients, and condense the entire “Effortless Parenting System” down into 7 powerful, life changing modules.. 


The Effortless Parenting System

Module 1-The Parenting Switch: The Key To Transforming Your Relationship With Your Child

  • Step 1: The Parenting Switch and the power of presence
  • Step 2: The surprisingly simple "secret" to effortless behaviour changes
  • Step 3: How to not react and get angry when they’re rude, talk back or display unwanted behaviour…
  • Parenting Psychology- Change your parenting not your child
  • Open your innate parenting wisdom to make the best decisions
  • Take a load off your mind and not give you more to do
  • Experience connection and presence like never before

Module 2- Guilt-Free Discipline

  • How to improve your child’s behaviour, without using guilt, shame, punishment or anything else that puts long-term disconnection and distance between you.
  • Dispelling the illusion and dropping guilt full stop
  • Act with complete self-control to make your interactions effortless with Bedtime routine, getting ready for school, homework 
  • Technique to avoid any fuss and have a simple repetitive system in place to avoid any guilt from building up in the first place
  • Disciplining only for the child’s sake and benefit

Module 3-How To Get Your Kids To Listen 

  • Without yelling, manipulating and repeating yourself or damaging your long-term connection with them
  • We train our children how to treat us
  • How to be completely confident when you ask your child to do something 
  • How to create a listening and harmonious environment at home
  • The top strategies to get kids to listen, that are easy to follow, hassle-free and work for all ages

Module 4-Put an end to Challenging Behaviour

  • How to deal with rude behaviour of every type and every kind, never having to guess anymore how to react
  • Never have a problem with “Backtalk” from your kids anymore, knowing how to respond without getting into an argument and unnecessary discussions
  • What to do with Tantrums, especially in public places and set yourself up for successfully dealing with them at any time
  • Deal confidently with Teenage Rebellious behaviour as you know exactly what to do in every situation that you face without overwhelm and stress

Module 5-Parents Are From Pluto and Kids Are From Krypton

  • How to communicate with your child in a way that is effective and how to find out what they actually think and feel about life
  • Your child is an actual superhero and how to empower them to find their inner strengths and overcome challenges of self-doubt and self-worth
  • Create a life long connection that is not based on outward behaviour, but mutual respect

Module 6-Dealing With Everyday Feelings and Emotions

  • What to do when your child is being bullied
  • How to deal with disappointment 
  • Dealing with resentment and what to say when they are angry
  • They dislike their teacher and its effecting their learning
  • How to handle it when they blame you for being a bad parent

Module 7-Overcoming Childhood "Triggers" and Living with Joy and Ease

  • How to never have to worry again about how your own childhood might affect your parenting now
  • Letting go of all the past and traumas that might be sabotaging your parenting right now, so you never have to go there again
  • Dropping all parenting fears and hang-ups that get in the way of the connected relationship with our kids
  • Living a life of an effortless and peaceful parent as a permanent upgrade

“What The Effortless Parenting System 

Is Really Worth…”

It’s hard to put a price on your relationship with your kids, but here’s something to think about… 

How much would you be willing to spend on gifts for your children if you absolutely *KNEW* they would be so happy and thrilled to receive those gifts? 

For example, would you buy them an iPhone or an iPad or a game system loaded with their favourite games? Have you ever bought them anything like that in the past? 



Is there a limit into how much we would spend to make our kids happy & fulfilled in this life? 

How much would it be worth to you to her shout or scream at your kids again?

How much would it be worth to you to have an argument  and tantrum free home?

To have kids that listen you and respect you.

 A Million pounds?

Thousands of pounds?

But I am not going to charge to that much.

I know The Effortless Parenting System is worth at least £2000, as it is such a comprehensive system that changes our parenting from inside out and all the changes are lasting and last a life time.

And I am not even going to charge you £1000 for it, although I have spend countless hours putting the perfect system together for you.

Still I am only going to charge you £400 for it.

Yes Safia! I Want “The Effortless Parenting System Now"


One-off Payment £400 click here

Nike (Mother of 3 girls) shared

Safia is a brilliant coach and teacher who is passionate about what she does. Her desire to make every parent undertake their parenting journey in a peaceful manner is so inspiring and gets real results from those who participate in the course.

I have had so many mind shifts as the course has opened my eyes to knowing that we are in control of our thoughts and we should learn to live in the moment without blaming others for our failings.

She helped me to discover and change some harmful misconceptions I had held and helped me to improve my own self-esteem and mental health before passing the knowledge on to my children and strengthening our relationship. 

Her advice is empathetic and insightful and is designed to get the best results possible with the children. She is kind and encouraging, which helps to motivate us when we lose confidence. Her style of teaching is very engaging and she is respectful of other’s insights. 

Natalie Mother of 2 boys shared about the Effortless Parenting System

What you do is absolutely amazing and every time we have a session I realise how amazing it actually is, it made a huge difference to my life, it would be really really good to have people take advantage of that learning.

To make their life simpler, less of this stress, less of these words that get thrown around that make life more complicated.

I think the Psychological Switch (AKA as The Parent Switch from Module 1) and its implication make life so much simpler because just the base sentence that underpins all of it creates such an amazing shift in thinking.

Just having that one realisation creates so many side benefits to create a huge shift in a person's life. Definately.

For me personally, it has made a huge difference, and going through your program, having the regular coaching, it's not just the once, it's having the whole program that has made the difference.

You need to go through the program for it to become second nature, and for you not to have to think about it, but it takes time to do that and it takes a coaching program to do that.

It would be wonderful for more people to join and go through that and have this huge shift, and it is not only that you benefit, everyone around you benefits too it's like a ripple effect.

It made a huge difference for me and how I interact with people around me. I don't get angry with my parents anymore at all.

I have an amazing relationship with my children and much more understanding for my husband too and have overcome many co-parenting challenges.

I would highly recommend for every parent to go through this Effortless Parenting Course to upgrade their parenting and relationships."

Anita Mum of 8 year old girl and Teacher shared about the "Get Your Kids To Listen Workshop"

I just wanted to say Thank you for the brilliant session this morning. 

I loved the interactive bit and there were so many useful things about how to be a better listener and how to connect better with our children! Thank you very much for doing these sessions, they are really valuable!

This afternoon Ally came up to me and she had her hamster in her hand. I was cooking and normally I’d have listened to her while I was making food, but this time I stopped what I was doing, and I crouched down to listen to her. I could immediately feel the positive shift in her energy, her vibrations lifted and she became more energised while she was happily telling me about her hamster’s latest adventures. It was so good to see her little face so happy!

During lunch she was reading and I asked her to tell me what happened in the TV program she was watching earlier (Saturday mash-up, something she likes to watch). She put her book down and told me a few events that she found particularly funny. It was really nice to hear her recalling the events and watching her laugh. 

We had a nice afternoon in Hungarian school and she happily participated in activities she usually tries to avoid (like Hungarian singing and dancing…).

During dinner I asked her again to narrate a couple of things and praised her for her great ability to tell  story and her eloquence. She seemed to appreciate this and thanked me. 

Also I have no more Guilt around my parenting, since I stated working with Safia on a regular basis.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you are doing.

Lily Mother of 2 girls and Business Owner) shared about the Effortless Parenting System

She helped me discover some of my limiting beliefs and helped me to
believe in myself again before starting to build the connection
between myself and my children.

I've had tangible results because of her insight.

If you're looking for a happy life with your children, this is the place to start.
Highly recommended .
Not only is she a fantastic coach, but also a lovely human being.

Thank you Safia

Maimona Mother of 4 boys Life Guard shared about the Effortless Parenting System

I don't worry anymore about my kids, turning out in a certain way, but I can focus on what I have right now with them and enjoy my children too, which is big burden off my shoulders.
I am living in the moment more and more and I have realised that the ages of my children being very different, I want to make connections with them on their frequency and have changed my reaction to my children.
I am less defensive about things I read, about what others say, no need to fix people of circumstances anymore, as I understand separate realities. I can meet people half way, and I know I will influence but not impose on my children anymore, but I also can carry on now and take each day as it comes now.

ABOUT Safia Haque
Dear Parent
My Name is Safia and I am a full time Mum, Parenting Coach and Home-educator, I live in Reading with my husband and 3 children.
4 years ago, I discovered the one and only Parenting Switch, that transformed my whole life and it finally gave me the ability to parent with ease, effortlessly and peacefully.
My life’s mission is to make your parenting easy, joyful and effortless, by sharing with you the best parenting systems I have learned over the years.

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Yes Safia! I Want “The Effortless Parenting System Now"


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