"Effortless Parenting:

How to raise Healthy, Confident and Happy Kids

Without Yelling, Manipulating, Repeating Yourself, Or Damaging Your Long-Term Connection With Them…”


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Have you been trying to create that happy, healthy connected home with your kids, but have been struggling then this is for you.

In this free Masterclass where you’ll discover:

  • The art of "Effortless and Guild Free Parenting", stop that niggling feeling of doubt about every decision you have to make and start to have absolute certainty about how to raise your kids
  • The "ONE and ONLY Mindset Shift you need", that transforms you into the cool headed, chilled out accessible and fun parent you have always dreamed to be
  • "2 Super Simple Tools" from my “Parenting Tool-Box” that works with all ages and stages for effortless parenting 
  • and much, much more…

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Safia is an award winning Parenting Coach and the creator of Effortless Parenting, She is on mission to take one parent per family through the Psychological Switch, which transforms parenting into a stress free and blissful experience of life.

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  • Safia Haque

    “Thank you so much for making my parenting so much more Effortless.......”

    Mother of 4 boys

  • Safia Haque

    “Safia has been a huge eye-opener and a patient mentor when it comes to understanding my thoughts and my feelings. Now that I have had a glimpse at how my life could turn out, when I further walk this path, I am more than excited to take further steps towards my goals with Safia.”

    Masters Student, Germany

  • Safia Haque

    “She encouraged me to strive to be the best version of myself, to tackle one thing at a time and to refrain from beating myself up when things go wrong. I really admire her for the virtuous values she upholds and the work she does. ”

    Poet and Artist