What is your Parenting Style


I was reflecting this morning on the many different angles and approaches we can look at any current situation and how it might affect our parenting style. 

One approach could be to make strict routines and have strategies in place to keep yourself and the people around you sane, depending on how much resistance or backlash you get from your children and other family members.

Or you could just be laid back as shown in the hilarious picture.........which my sister shared with me and had me in tears, as she is at home with 4 young boys ( I don't think I need to say more just use your imagination). Luckily we are working together to make parenting more and more effortless and joyful for her......

Whatever style you have adapted for now or maybe you are just continuing with how you have been parenting before, I want to let you know that its all good and that we are all doing the best we can with the resources and information we have available to us, in this moment right now.

Knowing this is very reassuring as it allows us to drop all the guilt and regrets we often feel about not handling situations in an idle way, as we imagined we should have handled them.

But from today I would love for you to give yourself permission to be OK with whatever style you adopt right now remembering that you are doing your best with whatever resources and information you have available right now.

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