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“How To Get Your Kids To Listen, Without Yelling, Manipulating, Repeating Yourself Or Damaging Your Long-Term Connection With Them”

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Effortless Parenting 

3 Ways to be the Most Beautiful Parent Forever


The secret emotional Life of an Inside-Out Parent: When kids show attitude


What is your Parenting Style


How to put an End to challenging behaviour

A Deeper Reason behind Challenging Behaviour

Master Parenting Skill

Two kind of People Children Listen to


Safia Haque is an award winning Parenting Coach on a mission to take one parent per household through the Inside-Out transformation. 

 She lives in Reading (UK) with her husband and three children, two boys and one girl.

Discovering the Inside-Out Paradigm completely transformed her whole life and all of her burdens vanished. 

She is on a mission to take one Parent per household on earth through the Inside-Out transformation and to make parenting effortless and stress-free again through life-changing insights and realisations.

She is an executive writer for Brainz Magazine and her frequent Masterclasses are an inspiration for thousand of parents around the world.

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  • Safia Haque

    “Through our sessions and the Inside-Out-understanding, I was able to paint for the first time in over three years. I was able to rekindle my love for writing and I even started to write poetry again. From a young age, writing and becoming an author was one of my huge driving forces in life. Somewhere along life's path I lost sight of this passion. Together with my Coach Safia, I am taking steps to further reincorporate and maintain my creativity back into my life, so I can achieve my goal of becoming a writer in the future. ”

    Master Student, Germany

  • Safia Haque

    “It has been a great pleasure to work with Safia. She has helped me to see a new way to approach all of the relationships in my life. Now I'm able to focus on resolving problems rather than being stuck in my emotions. Parenting now is stress free, easy and enjoyable. And I haven't exchanged my children. They still are the same people, acting the way they used to, but I'm able to show up for them with the compassion and curiosity without any assumptions. And that's the beauty of my joyous life Alhamdulillah!”

    Mother of 2

  • Safia Haque

    “Working with Coach Safia has been a fulfilling and insightful experience.There are few who understand human behaviour and the mind with such subtlety as she does, and even fewer who can relay this understanding in a manner which spurs the individual unto understanding themselves with transformative personal realisations.”


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