The secret emotional Life of an Inside-Out Parent: When kids show attitude


Don't you love it when we have to teach our children when they are in a bit of an "I just don't want to do anything and life is so tough" sort of attitude, whether this is in a home-education setting or helping them with homework.

I would love to stick a smiley face on them sometimes, Don't you?


The only problem is that is not a real solution to the underlying struggle that is happening for the child and for us.

So what can we do? Or do we have to do anything, but show understanding? But what if it is starting to become a repetitive pattern?

For the last few days, my older son has been showing up for life with a lack of interest in everything and anything. 

So we had a conversation about what is going on during a maths lesson that was obviously not going too well with the really long face sort of getting in our way.

After some conversation, he figured that he is in a bad way, because of his siblings, who are not treating him the way he wants to be treated, in this instance it is about playing certain games together his way or their it goes with siblings.

But when I pointed out to him that his long face is not about the siblings at all, but about how he wants to show up every day for his work and especially at the moment for his educational work. 

As there has been times when he was playing quite happily with his siblings, but it did not change his attitude towards his work.

Just pointing out this little difference, made him realise that actually yes, he wants to show up better for life and that blaming others for his long face was really quite disempowering for him.

He had a shift since then and we are getting on better with the work, and I am looking forward to empowering him more and more and removing the blame culture from our home God willing.

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