3 Ways to be the Most Beautiful Parent Forever

It’s so sweet when children call their Mum, Dad, Grandmother or Grandad the most beautiful person in the world. Don’t we all want to swim in that feeling and never stop being that beautiful person to our children.


I will share with you 3 very simple and immediately implementable actions that you can take to be that beautiful person for your children forever.

1: Smile, Smile and smile some more….

When we have a welcoming smiling face whenever our child walks into the room, welcoming them home, telling them that it’s good to see them and to have their beautiful company. It changes the whole relationship, your child will look forward to coming home to you or if they are home they will look forward to seeing your smiley face whenever they can. Just a simple smile uplifts us and everyone around us and the bonus is that we look beautiful to ourselves and the people around us.

When you think about someone you might have spent a lot of time with as a child yourself. What was that person like, did they smile a lot and welcomed you whenever you approached them. It’s one of the top attractive qualities in people and you can have it too by becoming aware of how much you smile and then double and triple the amount day by day.

From personal experience I can tell you this really works and when I have a serious face now, my kids ask me immediately, why I have a serious face and that is good too as they notice the absence of the smile.

So smile the world away, it has not harmed any parent but only made them the most beautiful to their children.

2: Put gentleness in all that you do

When we are gentle in the way we speak, we handle ourselves and our children, our world becomes so beautiful. It’s the little things that count, a gentle word goes a long way and a gentleness makes actions beautiful. We handle delicate things with so much gentleness, if we handle our small or older kids with that gentleness and care, it does wonders for our relationships.

When we gently and carefully lay a table with our children or help them with gentle reminders to get their homework done or complete the chores that have been set, it beautifies the reminders and they become a source of comfort and not something that is burdening or stressful.

Slowing right down is also a way to add more gentleness into actions that have to be done daily, it allows us to do them with awareness and makes them calm and gentle in that way too.

  1. Spent time together with nothing on your mind and for no reason, but for the sake of being together only

In our day to day fast lives we can forget about just hanging out together and making beautiful connections. In Mexico interestingly, some people just sit together and don’t even have the need to talk, but it is enough to have each other company without any agenda or demands from each other. I found this practice very attractive, as it takes us back to valuing each other’s presence and company without all the pressure of having to provide some other added value or activity to entertain.

When we do this with our children, it takes the pressure of us and them to always have to do something I order to be together. Just their company is enough, and nothing else has to be going on in order to spend time together.

Smile, be gentle and hang out together to make connections are the 3 secrets to staying beautiful forever for yourself and your children.

Stay beautiful and we can make the world a more beautiful place together.

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