How to deal with Negative Feelings and the Ancient Art of doing Nothing

How to deal with Negative Feelings and the Ancient Art of doing Nothing

The mission in my life is to free parents from suffering through an insightful understanding and not with any techniques. Because when we understand how something works it takes away all the suffering, confusion and provides us with clarity.

For example: When we run our heart pumps faster, just imagine if we did not know that, we would probably panic and do everything to fix the problem somehow as we don’t understand the cause of it and the possibilities could be endless.

But when you know what causes your heart to pump faster, i.e. the need for more oxygen and therefore a normal reaction you return to clarity, and the suffering and the panic finally ends.

The "Only reason for Negative Feelings"

So when we know why our heart pumps faster, everything is simply logically explainable, and clarity returns. In the same way when we know with certainty and logically that there is only one single reason why we have negative feelings, then we also lose the fear of having them.

The only reason for negative feelings are “Negative Thinking”: When we think negatively we will feel negative and that’s it, nothing more and nothing less. It does not matter what we are thinking about, the object is irrelevant. Nothing but our own negative thinking can cause our negative feelings. And when we insightfully realise that, we become free from suffering. It’s so simple that we innocently miss this logic.

How “not worry about them ever again”


When we know that Negative Thinking causes Negative Feelings, we can drop them and move on with life easier and much quicker.

The less time we spend figuring them out the fewer negative feelings we have. Period.

I still have negative thinking/feeling at times, but as soon as I realise they are created by my own thinking I drop them and return to peace and love and I am not scared or worry about them at all anymore.

"Ancient Art of doing nothing", how to chill out while your negative feelings just float away

Doing nothing here means that there is no techniques we have to do or apply to return to peace, we just have to wait for our thinking to change.

For example: When we have a cut, all we can do is keep the wound clean and put a plaster, but our body does all the healing by itself. But if mess around with the cut and make it deeper and put another cut and some dirt in it, then we will get sick.

It’s the same with negative thinking, when we add more negative thinking to our already negative thinking then we are stuck. So when you are seeing negative next time, just do nothing and allow the mind to return back to clarity and love, by not putting any energy into the negative thinking.

Because we never lose our inner love and peace, it just gets covered up by our negative thinking.

"3 Wise Words from Sydney Banks"

Never Mind why

Never Mind why you are having negative thinking and you will come back to peace and love. When you ask why you will find endless excuses, blames, reasons, beliefs and will be trapped forever in a repetitive cycle.

But when you just say never mind why I am having negative thinking; a new world will open up to you. I have been living like this and so have my clients.

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